Aesthetic Dentistry

Dentistry practices are very developed today. In aesthetic dentistry, several branches of dentistry come together to perform applications. The main purpose here is to make the person’s smile more beautiful or better or to solve the problems in his teeth.

What could be the problems in the tooth? First of all, it could be that the tooth is yellow in color. If the teeth are yellow and the person is satisfied with their teeth, it can be solved very easily with the teeth whitening method under the supervision of a physician.
In later cases, smile design comes into play.

In smile design, the aim is for the person to have a smoother, more beautiful smile. The best practices to do when designing this may be;
The bonding method is applied by making minor corrections and arranging the broken and cracked parts of the teeth without damaging the teeth.

It is the application of porcelain laminates (Laminate Veneers). In Porcelain Laminate Dental application, maximum effective smile can be achieved with minimum damage to the person’s teeth.