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Do you have a problem with your teeth?

In our clinic located in the Atakent region, we take care to determine the most accurate diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment in your treatments with our experienced specialist physician staff.

Our Implant Treatment Plan

Implant treatment with general anesthesia

Assuming there is no problem, the patient is given respiratory or intravenous anesthesia for general anesthesia and the implant is performed in the operating environment at our Atakent Dental Clinic.

Missing teeth causes an uncomfortable life for the person. The absence of teeth in business, social or private life causes aesthetic concerns and functional problems. Missing teeth also greatly change your jaw structure. It causes difficulty in closing the jaw due to tooth loss in the jaw joint.

The toothless jawbone begins to melt over time. This melting is minimized in the area where the implant is applied. Implants are a protective application because they do not receive support from neighboring teeth.

You can get information about implant surgery in our dental clinic in Atakent.

Our Expert Physician Staff

With our experienced specialist physician staff, we take care to determine the most accurate diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment for your treatments.

Our location

It has been serving in the Atakent region for more than 10 years, and it is very easy to reach Halkalı Marmaray stop.

Our achievements

During our time in service, thousands of our patients have regained their oral and dental health thanks to our correct treatment methods.

Smile Design

We achieve the perfect smile with the treatment plan that best suits you.

Smile design; It is the process of restoring the teeth and gums, whose aesthetic appearance has deteriorated for various reasons, to a natural and beautiful appearance as much as possible, taking into account the facial shapes and needs of the patients.

You can get information about smile design surgery in our dental clinic in Atakent.

It is planned according to your face shape.
Aesthetic and Natural
Perfect Smile
The perfect smile can only be achieved with the right treatment plan.
Dr. Mete HanzadeFounder

Our Doctors

I have been treated by many doctors before and I have never had a doctor take such special care of me. I am a patient of Bülent Bey at Atakent Dental Clinic and he made my teeth with fine workmanship and care. I was very pleased. I feel lucky that I chose to be treated in this clinic rather than clinics that are famous but do not value the patient. I thank them very much.
Nurcan Doğru— Patient