Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery is a treatment managed jointly by orthodontics and jaw surgery specialists to treat chewing, speaking and aesthetic appearance in individuals with severe jaw structure disorders.

Jaw surgery treatment is generally applied when the lower or upper jaw is forward or backward, or when the placement of the lower and upper jaw is asymmetrical. If you have the mentioned disorders in your jaw structure, you can consult a specialist physician and get help for jaw surgery treatment.

During Jaw Surgery Treatment, firstly, patients undergo tomography and x-ray. Then, the treatment process and stages are designed according to the images obtained. After the plans are created, specialist physicians inform the patient about the treatment process. After the patient is informed, the treatment process begins by explaining the situations that concern him or her.

In Maxillofacial Surgery treatment, an orthodontic treatment is applied that will last between 1 and 2 years on average. Before treating jaw problems, the closure and alignment of the teeth must be corrected. For this, first the braces treatment process takes place. After the braces treatment process is completed, the treatment of the jaw structure begins.