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Oral Treatment

It is the diagnosis of oral and dental diseases or systemic diseases that show symptoms in the mouth using radiological imaging techniques and planning the necessary treatments.


They are screws, mostly made of titanium, that are placed in place of lost teeth for treatment purposes, fuse with the bone tissue after a while, and can function like a natural tooth. They are generally applied to the jawbone and serve as the root of the lost tooth in cases of tooth loss due to bone loss due to advancing age, tooth decay, or wear and tear over time.

Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics are procedures performed to eliminate problems in the structure of teeth and gums and return them to normal. These processes vary between 4 and 7 days on average. Dental implant application takes approximately 10 days, and teeth whitening takes approximately 2-3 sessions.



The perfect smile can only be achieved with the right treatment plan.
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